Ginger Jar Mosaic- Blue and Gold

Outstanding in its uncompromising design and aesthetic appeal, the Ginger Jar Mosaic is a visually tempting jar that your customers would find quite hard to resist buying. Plus, despite its magnificent look, it is available for sale at incredibly affordable price points which is budget friendly. It is crafted using carefully selected, artistically moulded premium quality porcelain material which is adorned with lovely mosaic motif.
The Ginger Jar Mosaic is a compelling work of art that customers would be all too proud and comfortable to display in every living and working décor spaces. Its exceptional appeal is brought about by its porcelain glossy elegance, cylindrical bulging shapeliness, floral themed mosaic patterns, savvy choice of palette and the use of bright shiny gold lacquer which lines the base, opening rim, lid's rim and dome. The combination of all of these factors gives it such breath-taking ornamental appeal. It is the perfect decorative accent with which to brighten up interior décor and add merriment to every festive celebration.